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You will find some fanfiction and fiddles here, so grab a caffeinated beverage and a pop-tart, plop yourself down on a beanbag and stay a while.


J/C Stories:

Conspiracy, Sweet Conspiracy (G): Written for VAMB's Secret Drabble/Ficlet Exchange 2011; Gretchen Janeway has an urgent letter for Voyager.

And Then... (PG 13/R-ish): Written for VAMB's Secret Drabble/Ficlet Exchange 2010; Janeway & Chakotay come across a PADD.  What will be the result?

 Drabbles (G-R): A few drabbles spawned in a thread on VAMB.  Various ratings... generally somewhat naughty.

Deserving of Desserts (G): A bit of fluff and some pie, born from a VAMB drabble challenge.

Don't Look a Gift Q in the Mouth (PG): Post relaunch novels written for VAMB's KJ Lives Challenge.  Picard gets a "gift" from Q.  (J/C, Q, Picard/Crusher)

 A Command Performance (PG): In dire need of supplies, Voyager and her crew are forced to endure the theatrical whims of a planet of eccentric aliens.  Can the Command team weather the storm of alien induced drama long enough to get Voyager what she needs? 

 About Venice (PG): Kathryn and Chakotay have a late night conversation over subspace, about Venice.  (A Full Circle addition, but not necessary to have read the book first)

Schadenfreude (PG): A message from Seven leads Kathryn and B'Elanna to indulge in a little schadenfreude.  

Making Babies (PG 13): A J/C Pictorial; The Janeway and Chakotay action figures decide to add to their family.

When the Bogeyman Comes (PG): The Command Team gets a late night visit... 

Always Remember to Lock Your Door (PG 13): An unlocked door leads to a little embarrassment for the captain. (Double Drabble)

No Butt's About It (PG 13): Written for VAMB's Secret Drabble/Ficlet Exchange 2008; Tom is on a mission; will he be successful?

Sometimes All It Takes Is A Frog (G): B'Elanna and Janeway share a precious moment and a little chat.  

Naomi's Game (G): Chakotay and Janeway take care of something. (Double Drabble and a half)

Jimbalian Fudge Cake (PG): A Post-Endgame drabble and a half.  Just what did happen at the Voyager homecoming party? 

Give the Dog a Bone (PG 13): A Post-Endgame J/C twist on the classic movie Bringing Up Baby. 

Just One of the Perks (PG 13): A series of drabbles about one of the perks of being captain. 

Thanks Giving & Taking (G): A little Thanksgiving celebration aboard Voyager. 

FYI (For Your caffeine Intake) (PG): What if they banned our captain from coffee? 

Nap Time (G): A way to pass time in a boring stretch of space. 

The Truth About New Earth (PG): Janeway tells the truth about what went on while she and Chakotay were on New Earth. 

Re-Drive (PG 13): A missing scene from Drive. 

J/C POV (G): Two little scenes from each of the Command team's point of views, set Post-Endgame


Other Voyager Stories: 

An Ensign's View (G): An ensign's musings, Post-Endgame. 

A Lieutenant's View (G): More musings from a lieutenant, seven years after Voyager's return.  

NC-112 (PG): Second Place Winner in the Guess the Pairings Contest.  Two of Voyager's Crew find themselves in a little situation in the mess hall.  Can you guess who they are?

Cake (G): A short moment in time piece featuring Voyager's Morale Officer.  It's time he got his own morale boost.

Stuck (PG): Janeway deals with Q in an unusual situation. 

Miscellaneous Voyager Related Things: 

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Voyager's resident Talaxian has a hard time keeping his clothing on. Here are a few examples of what he doesn't want you to know... or maybe he does. (Rated R for Rabid Talaxian Nudity)

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What do we really know about Voyager's former Maquis, the Bolian, Crewman Chell?  According to these new found pictures, not a heck of a lot.  (PG 13)


TNG Stories:

Don't Look a Gift Q in the Mouth (PG): Post relaunch novels written for VAMB's KJ Lives Challenge.  Picard gets a "gift" from Q.  (J/C, Q, Picard/Crusher) 

Gifts Better Shared (PG 13): A drabble about what Beverly wants for her birthday.

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Other Stories: 

 Walking Heart (G): Written by Jacks with fiddles by me for Oparu's birthday.  (Beverly Crusher/Kathryn Janeway romance)


Chakotay-Kathryn Action-Figures | Create Your Badge

For some more fun check out the J/C Owner's Manual on Heartwings' site and see just how much trouble a set of action figures can be.

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